Friday, March 03, 2006

FBO: 'We're Not Alone'

We're not the only ones with eyes on the Oklahoma Panhandle!!!

Next month, OU professor Richard Lowitt will be releasing his book American Outback: The Oklahoma Panhandle in the Twentieth Century (Texas Tech University Press). See the press release. We encourage you to purchase the book, read it, and comment on it to Texas Tech and the FBO. We're happily applaud the subject of Mr Lowitt's work, and will happily pick up the reigns with our 'Oklahoma Panhandle in the Twenty-first Century' tour in early fall.

--> Stay tuned for an FBO review of the book in mid to late spring. We will also try to contact Mr Lowitt for an interview and advice on panhandle 'hot spots'.

Mobile HQ has taken a break from Bulgaria, but will be back in Eastern Europe late next week on the second leg of the FBO 'publicity tour'. Meanwhile, failed-band Soul Shaker has been sent a formal invitation to the FBO, and should hopefully join in the next few weeks. The FBO also has contacted successful Romanian-twin pop group Cheeky Girls for interviews and tips on how to garner press coverage for the FBO.

FBO Member #001 has completed its three-song live EP 'LIVE IN OKLAHOMA,' which should be available for free download on its revamped website by March 14.

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ: Brooklyn, New York


Failed Bands of Oklahoma said...

The photo here was taken in London, England, in 2003. It's a tunnel near Greenwich, where time is made. The front figure is a member of FBO Member #001.

Bobby Reid
Member of FBO Member #001

Alan De-Mulletized said...

Can you say TT EP albume (Brit Spelling) cover.
Love the pic.
Remake of Time for the current project??? fix ALL THE WRONG with all old versions....?????????