Wednesday, March 22, 2006

'Are You FBO Material?'

Curious? Want to be a part of the FBO? Want to be induced to collaborating on records, or join a tour of the Oklahoma panhandle? You're not alone, friend.

Fill out this questionnaire. Perfectly affirmative [ie 'all yes'] results yield elgibility.

--> Did you play in a band?
--> Did the band play at least 51% originals?
--> Did the band begin at least 10 years ago?
--> Did the band quit at least once over the period?
--> Did the band FAIL to procure an outside recording contract from an outside recording label (eg not your own created label)?

Note: it is not necessary to have ever been based, played in, or been to Oklahoma to be elgible for membership in the Failed Bands of Oklahoma. Any induced projects -- eg new songs created by revived failed band -- remains the 100%-controlled content of the failed band itself. If a failed band should snag a recording contract, the band will -- by definition -- removed from the FBO membership status.

The FBO, like a samiritan warning of trolls under the bridge, only wants to help you, in its efforts to garner press coverage of failed bands.

FBO Admin
Mobile HQ: Brasov, Romania

[The photo of two Yakut performers, both are Russian citizens, was taken in 2005 at a festival outside Yakutsk, Russia.]

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Sonnyred said...

How about Stiff Richard, if only to get an Irish update..the Melting Pot Lp was a great effort