Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TALL TALES (FBO #001) releases first FBO-produced EP, celebrates with drinks

TALL TALES' first live album -- 'LIVE in a Place in Oklahoma' -- is out. The double B-side single of 'The Falkon Flies (Dies)' also features the songs 'Dicks' and 'A Place in Oklahoma.' It was recorded LIVE at Zapata's Cafe & Cantina in Altus, Oklahoma, on December 22, 2005.

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Any FBO member -- or future member -- who would like help promoting a 'FBO induced' album is welcome to do so in this forum. We will post it, try to garner press coverage, you will keep any proceeds. The copyright remains the artist's.

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'LIVE in a Place in Oklahoma' Track listing:

DICKS (1:57)

'THE FALKON FLIES (DIES)' is a testament to truth. In the song, the band – attacked by a wild 'falkon' – is hurt and afraid. The 'falkon' is winged and prehistoric, and has no respect for living with others peacefully. After fending off attacks with a spear, the 'falkon' is finally killed by a bazooka, but not until after members of the band lose arms, ears and noses. The only intact part of them is their sight and their voice. The song was written on a plane.

'DICKS' is another testament to truth. It is a soundbyte from a composed, then discarded, EP-length song called 'Song about the United States of America.' The song, at 20:05, was to be played live in 2005 with a (shown) timer that stopped, with the song, at the 20-minute, five-second mark. These plans were also discarded.

'A PLACE IN OKLAHOMA' is another testament to truth. It is a song about Tall Tales in 2005 and 2006 talking about what it's like to be Tall Tales in 2005 and 2006. More loosely, it is a concession to mediocrity and lack of success.

Tall Tales is Dan Fallis (vocals, accordion), Rob Reid (guitar, backing vocals), Alan Hiserodt (drums), Gregg Dobbs (guitar), Mitch Newlin (bass).

copyright 2006, Sprockett Records, Norman, Oklahoma

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Thanks to Tall Tales!

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