Sunday, February 03, 2008

FBO: 'The FBO Endorses Obama'

One thing you can't say about George W Bush is that he doesn't sway in his convictions. He's 'authentic' in the sense that you know exactly what you're getting. Sometimes that's a good thing in a person, but not when there's reckless disregard with outside opinion. His eight years will be remembered for leading the nation into a false war (and is there anything possibly worse?), the death of an American city (New Orleans) and sitting in a bunker for hours on the first day in our lives when we actually needed visible leadership (9/11/01).

Those worn out with cynicism over politicians' fake smiles and posed photos and calculated opinions on issues that will help with the ratings should find something refreshing about Barack Obama, who is simply unlike any presidential candidate we've seen. One only needs to re-watch the Hillary Clinton/Obama debate the other night on mute and compare how each candidate 'laughs' or composes themselves or walk onto the stage to see who is more genuine.

Does that matter? The FBO thinks so. Recently a FBO representative attended a writer's workshop of a major travel publishing company. The CEO led it. Her informal, positive, open tone has clearly filtered down through the ranks, with publishers and offices' general managers and editors showing the same in a company that was led by awkward, even plotting leaders only a few years ago, which resulted into political gaming, bitterness and average work quality. The world pretty much mocks the USA, and the FBO finds a candidate saying he's willing to talk with anyone -- putting diplomacy first -- as a important change in tone.

This is a moment. More people are talking about Super Tuesday than the Super Bowl. If the vote tips towards Clinton, the FBO believes the country will have missed a major opportunity at breaking the 'same wine/different bottle' cycle.

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OU boy-hiserodt said...

I agree and completely support this motion!! .....................and others if it feels right.

Can we please elect a president that speaks English this time?!?! (nu-cu-lar...mericah)

Obama is the man!!!

tom caw said...

Can Barack shake off the sack and make a stunning completion when it counts? Can he lead a come-from-behind 4th Quarter drive to win the Super Bowl? I don't know, but Eli Manning can, and did.