Friday, February 15, 2008

FBO: 'It's Panhandle Day (at the Capitol)!'

The (tentative) date of the FBO's show in Guymon, Oklahoma, on July 14 is coming soon. But the FBO encourages its Oklahoma City-based members and fans to get a 'head start' in its cultural exchange with the folks of Oklahoma's western-most extremity, by joining a visiting group from Guymon at the PANHANDLE DAY AT THE CAPITOL, in Oklahoma City February 24 and 25.

Members of the Guymon Chamber of Commerce and the Guymon branch of Leadership Oklahoma have staged this two-day 'Panhandle Day' event for 16 years to "demonstrate their appreciation for members of the Oklahoma State Legislature."

Lt Governor Jari Askins will be speaking at the Senate/House Champbers at 1:30pm on Feb 25. (Apparently she likes children and the elderly -- see video below.)

Dinner at Bricktown Brewery on Feb 24 is $16 per plate, lunch at Faculty House is $12 per plate, dinner at Woodward is $14 per plate.

VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY: FBO needs a representative to attend the 'Panhandle Day' speech in Oklahoma City on Feb 24. Would like someone to shake a few hands, get Guymon info, take photos of the event and see about potential venues for the after-show party in Guymon.

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