Friday, February 29, 2008

FBO: 'Releases Second Promotional Video for FBO Show in the Panhandle this July'


It's February 29! And to celebrate a date that comes only once every four years -- that's twice less often than an Olympics game -- the FBO is happy to provide a video, conceptualized as a 'pep rally' towards the oncoming show in the panhandle:


Guymon is the new phase, new stage
For all the Oklahoma bands that sadly failed
Gonna garner us press
Make props, no less
FBO flags will fly across the state

An accountant in Tulsa was laughing at our site
Said 'it's just pathetic' to see the failed with plight
And the OK Gazette
Said 'no chance,' yet
Here we are banded, not swayed by their slight

The first promotional video was released on February 8.

We remind readers that the FBO is a collective of, presently, four failed bands -- Tall Tales, Soul Shaker, Asylum and the Cant/Cinderbiscuits. In our two years, we've created an FBO-sponsored three-song 'fake live' EP -- Tall Tales' LIVE IN OKLAHOMA -- and scheduled/cancelled a failed-bands show in the first geographical adoption of the FBO: the Oklahoma Panhandle.

It's tentatively scheduled for July 14, 2008. We hope the show will include all four bands, plus Top Fan Rich Trott's San Francisco wonder -- The Palace Family Steakhouse -- as well as a failed magician.

If you know any failed bands, let us know.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


Hiser said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!!

Fuckinshit I miss you!!

TT reunion, please?!


ReidOnTravel said...

Yes! But it's up to four factors:

* Scheduling
* Willingness
* Mitch's whims
* Greg's whereabouts

I'm all for it. Maybe July 14 can happen?

tom caw said...

Ray Manzarek?

Ray Manzarek!

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