Monday, December 08, 2008

FBO: 'North Dakota Week T-Shirt'

FBO fans ask for an official North Dakota t-shirt. And one is delivered. It can be ordered here.

Careful observers will note a Dakota swap in the clip art. (Only South D was available.)

More North Dakota-related posts will resume tomorrow.

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pseudosu said...

My dad is actually from here, and attended something called "the north dakota school of mines and technology" back when technology was, like, the wheel.

In a "punk rock threat" of my own-- I'm considering starting to call my poo "money". It'll still be just poo though...
Minnesot-ahhhh. ;D

THE FBO said...

Remember this though: North Dakota is home to the geographical center of North America, in Rugby. Bet San Francisco, New Orleans and Pittsburgh quiver in envy over that one.

pseudosu said...

Yes, so much so they can't bring themselves to mention it-- ever.

Occasionally rolling eternity of flat blankness, leading to geological equivalent of hilly cheese grater (badlands). Take that civilization!