Monday, December 01, 2008

FBO: 'Responds to Critics'

Here we go again. The latest FBO initiative -- to form an all-new, short-term FBO band in the semi-permanent hub of Brooklyn, New York -- has unleashed a storm of criticism, who wonder why the Failed Bands of Oklahoma should bother.

The FBO responds:

Meanwhile, the FBO would like to welcome an outgoingly positive new fan -- one who could potentially top our Top Fan in a future poll -- Sue Seeger, who is an artist.

FBO Admin
Mobile/Semi-Permanent HQ -- Brooklyn, NY


tom caw said...

What?!? Is Mr. Ano Nymous behind this negativity? I don't think he is even capable of growing a moustache. Forge ahead, FBO!

Hiser Odt, Alan said...

I'm speechless. Really. The NASCAR stache balanced with the alternative mop top.... .... ....
There must be a new FBO based band. Hand picked for failure. Never to see the light of MTV!
Now, now, it must happen.


pseudosu said...

First of all-- Rivers-esque, hopefully ironic stache?
Secondly-- "not afraid to go forth and create new things,"

Recently had an email convo w/"The current" (npr- the cool version) dj/commentator Mark Wheat about the whole concept of "the band" as it has existed up until now, being dead!

FBO could be at the cutting edge of this thinking. Musicians coming together, collaborating, then breaking up, reforming in other ways with other members to create new sounds-- it's the new black apparently. Maybe not a "fail".