Thursday, April 17, 2008

FBO: 'FBO Induces Member #004 To Record Songs; That's Right: ASYLUM Is Back!'


Hear that creaking noise? It's the FBO critics, shuffling in their wood armchairs, one-upped once again by the FBO's ongoing successes.

FBO Member #004 Asylum is reuniting, per bassist Terry Waska. He tells us:

We (FBO #004, Asylum) are going to get together and work up a few unrecorded songs from the end of our non-illustrious career. Looks like it will be me, Stacy Dave and original drummer Derek. Not sure when the recording will take place, but Dave already has $500 saved up to pay the bill, so it’s a semi-sure thing... I’m not sure when we’re going to record. We’re going to do it at Armstrong Studio, which is run by Stephen Egerton (guitartist for Descendent and All).

He adds:

I went to visit Dave on his birthday and we drove thru Guymon again. No arrests this time. And I littered.

The FBO applauds Asylum's succumbtion to the cause, and welcomes this space for any videos, in-studio documentary footage or mp3s from the recordings.

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Anonymous said...

See Please Here

THE FBO said...

Kazilar is banned for 12 days.