Monday, April 21, 2008

FBO: 'Tom Petty Apologizes to FBO, Revives Failed Band'

Super Bowl halftime entertainment is normally reserved for a few songs and some flash -- enough to keep non-football fans and football fans tuned into the event. This year it turned to something bordering on outright contempt, as Tom Petty asked his band, the Heartbreakers, to play a set of 75% Tom Petty solo songs, and only 25% Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers songs. With each guitar strum and stoned glance, he seemed to say: 'I got this on my own, I just got you free tickets, bandmates. I don't need you.'

The FBO promptly put Tom Petty on three-week probation, which ended on February 25.

In the past, we've asked for apologies from the Rolling Stones and the state of Connecticut, and received none. But we're impressed with Mr Petty. He's not only shown remorse for his Super Bowl mistake, but followed the lead of the Failed Bands of Oklahoma by reforming his own failed band from the pre-Heartbreaker days Mudcrutch, as featured in Sunday's New York Times.

The band, which played Gainseville (Florida) bars and fraternity parties in the early '70s, did mostly covers early on (thus disqualifying them from FBO membership). They started a two-week tour of the West Coast, snubbing Gainesville entirely for some reason, last week. One person quoted in the article says, 'Really it makes no sense.'

One member of the band thought it was a prank when Mr Petty called about reforming the band.

--> The FBO invites Mudcrutch to attend (not perform at) the Failed Bands of Oklahoma Panhandle show on July 14.

In other news, the NY Times writer of the piece, Alan Light, is banned for two weeks for mistakenly saying Mr Petty hasn't played bass since Mudcrutch. Mr Light forgets Tom Petty was the bass player for the Traveling Wilburys. See the video:

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