Tuesday, April 08, 2008

FBO: 'Notes iTunes Mark-Up'

For those who aren't aware, Amazon.com now allows mp3 downloads of many albums, and unlike iTunes, even has a 'preview all' album for a one-touch preview of every song. Older albums, such as Rush's Grace Under Pressure ($7.92), go for the same price as iTunes, but many many new ones are considerably cheaper on Amazon.com.

In its efforts to look out for failed bands, and consumer underdogs, the FBO has long cast a suspicious gaze over a music industry that asks us every eight to ten years to re-purchase our full catalog. As technology becomes less expensive to produce -- from cassettes and vinyl to cheaper CDs, from cheap CDs to 'air files' of MP3 downloads without even printed-out covers -- and the price has not fallen. CDs were twice the cost of records, and many invisible mp3 files go for the same price as CDs.

The FBO asks, 'Is there any possible excuse?'

FBO Admin
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Humuhumu said...

The even-better thing about Amazon MP3s is that they lack the copy protection that most iTunes files are saddled with. The Amazon downloader works pretty smoothly with iTunes. FBO Top Fan Top Fan Approved!

Anonymous said...

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