Thursday, April 10, 2008

FBO: 'Trying to Like REM Again: A Tri-Week Journey (Part 2)'

Examples of Pete Buck's guitar styles:
* (J) "Sitting Still," "Driver 8," "Fall on Me," "Shiny Happy People"
* (OSL) "These Days," "Pretty Persuasion" (plus a bit of J)
* (FSN) all those dissonant outros live, debatably stuff like "Feeling Gravity's Pull" or "Finest Worksong"
* (FAERO) the terrible "Monster album"

Examples of Michael Stipe's lyric themes:
* (C&K) Pretty much everything that's hard to understand
* (G&K) The wink-wink lyrics that you're not supposed to say if you're artful, but are artful because Stipe sings them: "Stand," "Shiny Happy People," "Man on the Moon" ("goofing on Elvis"), "Pop Song 89" (hi, hi, hi), debatably the pre-Joel "It's the End of the World"
* (L&NK) You know, when he seems to mean it too much or the soarers, eg the most-mocked song of all time "Everybody Hurts," "The One I Love"

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