Friday, April 11, 2008

REM: 'Trying to Like REM Again: A Tri-Week Journey (Part 3)'


Video Commentary & Other Points:

* Download pricing schemes change daily. The FBO asks for more transparency in pricing. (Disclaimer: in posting the differences between prices at iTunes and, the FBO is not 'pushing Amazon sales' as a certain Mr Nymous has suggested -- but merely pointing out where FBO observers can save costs. However, it should be noted that a crashed 18-month-old iMac led to the loss of many old FBO scans and documents recently.)

* Also in an effort for expanded transparency, the FBO bans all 'hidden tracks' and 'bonus tracks' in the CD format. If you feel something's worthy, put it on. We are uncomfortable with nonfailed bands dishing out their failed music at a CD's end. It is one thing, speaking as a representative and press-garnerer of failed bands, to witness nonfailed bands' public attention, it is quite another for them to subject us, the failed, to routinely their failed music. Please stop it.

* In Guymon news, Asylum is 'in' for the July 14 Panhandle show, and Soul Shaker plans a 'new song.'

* The FBO is pondering listening to the full REM album for comment, but will next look at REM's past to understand why they ever were once worth something.

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